Mopars5150 started with an idea that was fairly simple, we’re crazy about Mopars and we want to show it! The company’s founder, Troy, discovered Instagram one day when he was with his son and decided it was something he should try out, so he joined. He came up with the name “Mopars5150”, because he loved Mopars and in California Police code “5150” is code for a crazy person on the loose. The name was fitting then, and it definitely still applies to do this day. His page started out as fun way to share the different cars that Troy and his best friend, Dan, were saving and building. But, as things got more serious and Troy began to meet new people and travel the country buying more Mopars, the operation expanded into the coast to coast business that it is today. We have our original location in Northern California, a small shop in North Texas and our larger, fabrication shop in North Georgia. Our main goal is to save as many Mopars as we can, they aren’t making any more and we want to do the future generations of car lovers a service by ensuring that these Mopars stick around for years to come.

We have been all across the country, pulling cars out of fields, barns, garages, sheds etc! We have found some of the most prestigious Mopar muscle cars that exist, like Superbirds, Cuda Convertibles, Charger RTs, 426 Hemi cars, 1 of 1 paint cars and many more. We have also brought many cars back from the grave. Our shop in Georgia specializes in heavy metal fab and sheet metal replacement on Mopars. We have rebuilt cars that many would’ve considered scrap or parts cars. And it all leads back the fact that they are never making anymore so we are doing our best to save, rescue, find and resurrect as many as we can. With that being said, we hope you enjoy what we do and if you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell any old Mopar Muscle, be sure to reach out!